Insects and Pest Control in the High Desert

Scottsdale and Phoenix Bee removal

As the weather has cooled off this past month and then heated back up, there has been an increase in bee activity and Many homeowners in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas have called for a beekeeper to remove and relocate their bees. There has been a surge in the general public learning that live bee removal is better than extermination. Especially bee removal in Phoenix Left over honey comb quickly melts in the triple digit temperatures According to Derek the beekeeper owner and beekeeper of Abello Bees.

Beekeepers who relocate bees alive

He takes his bees from all over the state of Arizona from Prescott to Wickenburg to Wittmann. A company with  10 locations, 1 in Scottsdale and the apiary in Wittmann. Abello bees seems to be able to handle all the bee calls flood the phones in Arizona. Relating to this site, is the wonderful pictures that can be taken at this time of year from Bees pollinating Melons to bees pollinating sunflowers. Bees are a glorious part of our ecosystem and help keep this world healthy. Here is a nice list of flowers and crops that bees pollinate.

Swimming Bees

As the summer months are now upon us bees have become very active. In particular bees in Arizona are out swarming. Swarming is what they do when they are looking for a new home. This is actually their most docile state since the bees are full of honey and not defending their hive. The best Phoenix bee removal in Arizona is through Derek the beekeeper. Get the bees relocated live, without chemicals and in the same day.

How far will Beekeepers Travel?

Derek cares for the bees in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and anywhere in Maricopa County. He travels all over Arizona but his price increases for further areas. The bees are just happier in an environment where they can be free from chemicals and antibiotics. Which makes for a great photo shoot and great close ups of bees.

Bee Photography

Photographing the wonderful insects

I have always had great respect for the tiny creature that is responsible for so much of our food.  It is none other than the heroic bee.  And yet, such a tiny creature can invoke so much fear and working together they are quite a powerful army!  This is the time when bees are most active so I decided it was high time I experienced a bee photo shoot.  I have been wanting to do this for quite some time!

Sonoran Desert

So I started calling around people that deal with bees and to my horror most people that remove bees do not remove them live but rather dead!  My photo shoot was looking like it was quickly going to become a funeral shoot!  And that is when I stumbled upon Derek Abello.  In my opinion he is one of the best beekeepers in all of Arizona because he removes the bees live, including their queen and brood, as well as the honey comb.  Then he transfers them to his apiary in the desert where they are well cared for.

Bee Photos

I was able to follow him to a bee removal job and get a lot of wonderful pictures.  But as you can see many of them are blurry or just not quality lighting.  It was quite an experience to try and take a good picture fully covered in a bee suit with protective gloves and veil all the while the bees are flying at your face!  Needless to say I will have to get a little more practice and thankfully Derek has invited me back any time.

Where to find the insects you want to photograph

As a photographer, especially a natural photographer who also focuses on insects, I have found Bee Removal in North Scottsdale to be the best organic and natural beekeeper in Phoenix, Arizona and I highly recommend him.  He has extended an open invitation to any other photographers (or aspiring-to-be ones!) and he is a genuine beekeeper who truly cares for these little creatures.  (Also, if this topic intrigues you as much as it does me you can go to youtube and search Abello Bees and you will find some of his amazing videos on his removals.  He does charge for his removal but so do other highly skilled professionals.  He is located in Scottsdale and takes bees from all over the Maricopa County area).


I have long been taken with the beauty of Sedona and its red rocks.  There are many amazing creatures to photograph, insects and animals alike.  Many people have asked me if I do photo shoots in Sedona (they mean weddings) and I tell them, Yes!  If you happen to have 6 legs!  LOL

A little about me

I really only do animal and insect photo shoots now.  I have dealt with one too many bridezillas if you know what I mean!  So I prefer the calm nature of well nature!  But if you are looking for someone in the Phoenix Metro area or Sedona to shoot your wedding I highly recommend doing a search on yahoo.  You’ll find a a lot of wedding photographers on there and you can also check out google.  That will bring up a local photographer.  Have a great day!  And until then, keep checking back for more naturalist photography!


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